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Alpaca Fun for Kids of All Ages

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  • Right answers sound like this:  RIGHT
  • Wrong answers sound like this:  WRONG

Odd Alpacas Out

Click on the alpaca below that's different from the others:

Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca
Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca

Do you need a hint?

Help Alpaca Al find his sweetheart

Use your mouse pointer to trace the path from Start to Finish, or click on the maze to see a large version you can print.


Test Your Skills in Alpaca Care

Read each question and select the correct answer. All questions are based on information on this website.

  1. What does an alpaca eat?
  2.   A. old shoes
      B. new shoes
      C. grass and hay

  3. What are the two breeds of alpacas?
  4.   A. imported and domestic
      B. huacaya and suri
      C. male and female

  5. How old do alpacas get?
  6.   A. 15 to 25 years old
      B. 72 years old for males, 78 years old for females
      C. 12 in dog years

  7. An alpaca's mother and father are called what?
  8.   A. mom and dad
      B. doe and buck
      C. dam and sire

  9. The natural habitat of the alpaca is where?
  10.   A. Central America
      B. South America
      C. Canada


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