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Simple plans for 3-sided sheds

Click the shed picture below for a 9-page PDF document our carpenter drew up detailing plans for the 3-sided alpaca sheds on skids that we have built here at Magical Farms.  There are many variations possible:

  1. A metal roof  instead of shingles is less maintenance but loud in a rainstorm

  2. Optional hayloft will hold 8-12 bales so you don't have to haul hay as often to the back pastures

  3. Front can be fitted with a shade tarp extending forward for shaded "outdoor" space in the summer if there are few or no trees in your pasture

  4. Rear gap between roof overhang and siding can be fitted with a hinged piece of material that can be opened in summer for ventilation and closed in winter

  5. Gutters or other feeder can be fastened along outside for feeding space

Download shed plans with a simple click!

(if using Internet Explorer you might have to allow the PDF to "pop-up")


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (330)667-3233

Jerry & Libby Forstner


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